Piaff 015
Piaff is a gorgeous black mare by Piaster. She has good movement and always catches the judges eye with her flashy looks. She has been successful in dressage competitions up to class M. Piaff got her name from her incredible talent to piaffe. She is just a joy to be around.

Markus is our Westernpony, born in 2002. Markus is a real treasure, as he is particularly well-behaved and easy to handle.

Mogli is our daughter's Shetland Pony gelding. On his back she has won numerous leading rein classes - and that already at the age of three. Mogli also enjoys being in harness and has been successful in driving competitions aswell.
In 2004, we had our first foal out of the great dressage mare Wait And See, a Warkant-Eiger mare that we owned for several years. Wonder is a drop dead gorgeous mare by the well known stallion Caprimond. Wonder has an impressive pedigree and the looks and movement to do her great ancestors justice.


- Miniature Jenny -

One of our newest family members is this cute Miniature Donkey, born in 2008. Gänseblümchen, which translates to "daisy", is a sweet little jenny with a very gentle nature that we intend to use in our therapy programs.

Nala von der Ofnethöhle
- Great Dane from Champion bloodlines -

NalaNala is a majestic jet black Great Dane with a few white spots on legs and chest and a fantastic pedigree anyone would envy: Her sire is the spotted Leopold vom Schloß Nordkirchen, who in turn is a son of the unmistakeable Akari Claudia Bohemica - a European Champion aswell as multiple Champion in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Austria. Nala's dam descends of Narses de la Benjamine.Nala
Nala is an alert dog with very elegant looks and has proven her quality when she was Baby Champion at the 2004 international dog show at the age of only a few months. And she has the personality to go with the good looks: For example, she sees it as her task to occasionally help stressed out miniature mares and baby-sit their foals or work out the junior stallions on the dry lots or in the pasture.
Sometimes Nala surprises us with her creative ideas of what to do with shoes that we left to close to her bed or her incredible talent in finding treats ... or what she thinks should be treats. Even if occasionally she creates some chaos, we could not imagine life without her.


Leopold vom Schloß Nordkirchen Akari Claudia Bohemica Vendetta de Royal Topaz Puzzle-N Indios dell'Armida
Easy Topaz
Claudie Adog CS Joe vom Haus Gerwin
Festa Abrus CS
Dina-Dalia vom Schloss Nordkirchen Black-Beauty vom Schloß Buchholz Yspo von der Ofnethöhle
Pia van de Lobbenhoeve
Gipsy von Haus Tiefenbach Charly von Caradhras
Penelope von Haus Tiefenbach
Sorbona Bohemia Abrus Narses de la Benjamine Libertin de la Benjamine Garp de Paradis Parc
Hiroshima de la Benjamine
Ikenotaiga de la Benjamine Kiss vom Münsterland
Elfi de la Benjamine
Conie Adog CS Joe vom Haus Gerwin Kiss vom Münsterland
Umbra von Beelen
Festa Abrus CS Hassan vom Münsterland
Beatti Uttis CS

A miniature pinscher from champion bloodlines! Deva was born on April 23rd, 2009 and a new beloved member of our family.




Valerio v.Südstern Choresh M.B. Hamaayan
Reches M.B. Hamaayan
Zehavit M.B. Hamaayan
Henriette v. Südstern Cris v. Loisachtal
Dolce-Vita v.Südstern
Šarí z IRU Leo z IRU Art z IRU
Brina z IRU
Inés z IRU Hart z Pyšelky
Eva z IRU

Unsere Katzen
- Minka and Buschl -

MinkaSometimes, or actually very often, animals do not accept the plans the humans make for them. The same is true when it comes to our cats: It all started when a friend of mine called me and told me she was getting a little kitten. She asked me if I could come with her and help her pick up the little one. Of course I agreed. But on the way home, the little kitten jumped onto myBuschllap and whatever we did, wasn't going to move from there. She had very simply and very quickly decided to become my cat. So, I took Minka home with me and she soon settled in wonderfully. Sometime afterwards, Minka herself became a mommy and presented us with a new surprise: Minka herself has a short coat, but one of her kitten had long hair just like a purebred Maine Coone. Well, you can certainly imagine that - against our plans - we simply could not part with that hairy little girl, so now Minka and her daughter Buschl live with us.

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